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Meet the Team

At Fruitful Thoughts, our strength lies in the diversity and expertise of our dedicated team. Together, we're committed to driving positive change for socially responsible businesses and non-profits through innovative digital and social media marketing, as well as community engagement strategies.


Alexander Jimenez


First-Generation American with roots in the southside of Providence, RI, where I was immersed in both Dominican and American values. This upbringing instilled in me a profound respect for languages and global cultural diversity. I consider myself an outgoing individual with an insatiable curiosity, which fuels my love for reading. In my professional journey, I've been a public servant, contributing to local government, the state of Rhode Island, higher education, and non-profit organizations. I'm passionate about making a positive impact in every role I undertake.

Andersson Tejeda.jpg

Andersson Tejeda

 Head of Operations & Video

For Andersson Tejeda, filmmaking isn’t just a job; it’s a passion that's led him to collaborate with Emmy Award-winning talent and work on major sets like 'Free Guy' and 'The Polka King.' Whether he’s crafting captivating narratives behind the camera or bringing stories to life as an actor, storytelling is what gives him his sense of purpose. Beyond the set, he’s on a personal journey to master the violin, learn the art of boxing and fencing, and step into the iconic shoes of Sherlock Holmes.

Lovely Dawn.jpg

Lovely Dawn

Customer Support Lead

Lovely is the go-to person for all things customer service! With a gift for solving puzzles, she lead our customer service team like a maestro leading an orchestra. Whether it's making sure clients' digital marketing campaigns run smoothly or sharing a laugh over a cup of coffee, Lovely believes in making every interaction memorable and positive. With that said, let's make digital magic happen!

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