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Twitter Marketing 101: A Beginner's Guide to Building Community & Engagement

"Twitter is a powerful tool for building relationships and expanding your reach." - Jay Baer, Digital marketer and speaker.

Continuing the social media marketing trend, today we will talk about everyone's favorite bird app, Twitter.

As explained by Jacqueline Zote, “One of the top benefits of Twitter for business is that it lets you share information quickly and start conversations with your target audience. In turn, your audience would find your Tweets and content valuable and, ideally, even share with their followers” (2020).

Thought #1 - Building Community

Twitter is one of the best ways for your brand to engage clients and, more importantly, have them engage with you. It has one of the easiest ways to connect: you make a tweet, and then anyone who sees it can reply.

This is a phenomenal way to create a sense of brand community with your audience. Tweet about things that your brand believes in to get further reach as opposed to just sharing about your product or service. This way, you’ll create an even greater sense of community, and people who have beliefs that align with your brand will want to follow and engage with your content.

Twitter can also be used as a large focus group to gather quicker customer insights and feedback and do so more effectively than you could on other social platforms.

Thought #2 - Twitter Chat

The former is especially true if your strategy includes hosting and participating in Twitter chats. These are usually recurring threads that happen on Twitter. You come up with a list of predetermined questions and a relevant hashtag to put on each tweet/question.

For example, you would start a tweet with ‘Q1’ as in question 1, include the relevant hashtag (e.g., #FruitfulThoughtsChat), and your followers would reply.

When they reply, they will start their post with ‘A1’ or the appropriate number depending on the number of the question. Doing these on a consistent schedule will help increase engagement and also allow you to build an interactive and effective Twitter thread with individuals who relate to your brand.

Thought #3 - In the Know

Twitter is one of the few social platforms in which you get to see current posts consistently as opposed to repeated or older posts. With 10,000 tweets a second as of May 2022, it's easy to see why it’s important to give the most updated and current information (Yaqub, 2023). This is a platform you need to remain active and consistent and have a strategy for. With that, you’re in a good place for your brand and business.

Thought #4 - Twitter Ads

With Twitter being the home of all real-time trends, you may also want to look into using their ads services. They do a great job of providing a list of best practices to help you make the most of your ads which you can check out here. Twitter covers how many characters the best-performing tweets have (spoiler, it’s 50-100, keep it short and sweet!) to even letting you know that in Twitter ads, you shouldn’t use hashtags or mentions because it provides distractions and a way for your readers to go away from where you want them. We highly recommend checking out this resource that twitter offers for free so you can make the most of your ad spend.

Final Thought #5 - Best Place to Engage

Twitter is the best place to make sure you build lasting impressions with your audience. It’s the most conversational platform, will get the updates out, and with the simplicity and organic growth potential, you can’t go wrong. It’s one of the few places where even without ads you can get people who don’t follow you to see your business by using the relevant hashtags or engaging in the community. So, get to developing your strategy and build that community.


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