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Our Why, How, What & Whom We Serve


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Alex J

Quick Note from Alex

Hello there, and Welcome!

We appreciate you taking the time to stop by and check out Fruitful Thoughts (FT). It means a lot that you did because FT is a very special organization that I started while attending the University of Rhode Island (URI). In the beginning, my intention was to use it as a fundraising tool to buy college textbooks for other students who, like me, were having trouble making ends meet. That semester, I bought books for a student, and the students' joy inspired me to continue to give back!

The day I walked to the bookstore to buy books for the students, I was reminded of the economic challenges, limited access, and obstacles I had encountered growing up. And on that day, I decided to find ways to support individuals, businesses, and organizations to move forward.

Several years later, my mission is still the same— and that’s why I’m so excited about FT! I’m confident that with your partnership, we can support our communities!

Several years later, my mission is still the same, so I’m so excited about FT! I’m confident that with your partnership, we can support our communities!

In Your Service,

Alexander Jimenez, Owner


Why We Do This

Fruitful Thoughts was founded with the intention of assisting in the removal of social and economic barriers through the provision of data-driven digital marketing and community engagement support to socially responsible businesses and non-profit organizations. This is accomplished through the filling of organizational gaps in such a way as to guarantee that the organization's mission, message, and growth will remain consistent.

Social responsibility means that businesses act in a manner that benefits society, not just company and shareholder profits.

Whom We Serve

We believe that businesses and organizations can be both economically profitable and socially responsible. Therefore, we seek to work with companies, non-profits, and agencies whose bottom-line strategy combines profits and, more importantly, a plan that benefits communities.

How We Do This

Companies that require extra workforce capacity necessary to develop community engagement operations, projects, and digital marketing strategies due to corporate expansion, employment gaps, or transitions can turn to Fruitful Thoughts for highly skilled administrators who can help on an independent contractual basis.

What We Do

Our primary focus is community engagement, mental wellness, and financial literacy. Fruitful Thoughts can provide your company with support in a variety of administrative areas.

  • Community Outreach & Communication Strategies

  • Personal Branding & Social Media Branding/Marketing

  • Curriculum Design Support & Training

  • Networking and Partnerships

Are you Ready to Collaborate?

We want to partner with you if you fit our why, whom, what, and how description! So please book your free 30-minute consultation by following this link, and let's connect!


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