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Maximizing Your Google Business Profile

"Random social media tactics lead to random results. You need a strategy." - Stephanie Sammons.

In the most recent entry of our blog - Why You Need to Create Your Google Business Profile, we highlighted the significance of developing your Google Profile and walked through the process of setting it up step by step. This Thoughtful blog post will share tips to help search engines find you quicker and increase your online ranking presence overall.

Google has three factors that are used to rank local searches/businesses. The first factor is relevance, or how well your Google My Business listing matches. The second distance, or how far your location is from the searcher; and lastly, your business prominence, or how well your links, SEO, reviews and review scores, and much more.

Thought #1 - Adding Pictures and Videos

The Google Business Profiles platform allows users to upload media such as photos and videos. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and services, and if you have a restaurant, some delicious treats to get those hungry customers to visit.

For instance, check out these delicious photos from The District -- and be warned because you will want to visit and eat right after!

Visit their website: The District.

The Steps - Adding Pictures and Videos

From the Google Profile dashboard, click on Photos.

Start by adding your company's logo and a cover photo. You can upload an image, select one from the albums associated with your Business Profile, or select a picture that has been tagged with your company.

To add more photos, click At Work or Team in the top menu of the photos page.

Click the Video tab at the top of the photos page to add videos.

Thought #2 - Add Special Features

Enhancing your online presence can also be accomplished through the addition of specialized features and attributes that can be added to your Google profile. For instance, restaurants can upload their menus, service-based businesses can compile a list of the services they offer, and medical care providers can include information about available health insurance plans.

Google is aware of the happenings around the world and will make adjustments to its services and features so that users may maintain a high ranking for their content. For instance, when the Covid-19 pandemic first started, Google gave hotels permission to add Covid-19 policies to their websites, which informed guests about the hotels' protocols and eventually made them feel safer during their stay. This is particularly important because, besides online ranking, Google has a dual rating system for hotels known as class rating – which consists of third-party and customer service ratings and is very different from the algorithm ranking.

More on this later, but here is a helpful article to learn more!

Thought #3 - Create Google Profiles for each Business In your Business

This is particularly important for businesses that also conduct different types of business within their primary industry. Confused? Let us explain!

Restaurants, coffee shops, and gift shops are common fixtures in hotel lobbies. The great thing about that is that Google allows the owners to create Google Business profiles for each business as a separate profile! That means you need further search engine optimizations, back-page settings, and links to increase your overall rating!

Final Thought - What's Next?

In our next blog, we are going to shift the focus to the accessibility of websites in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act. This is particularly important because it's the standard we must follow so that our communications, social media posts and content are accessible to folks with disabilities.


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