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Increase Your Business Visibility on LinkedIn With 3 Simple Steps!

When it comes to nurturing professional relationships and developing a community, LinkedIn is one of the best resources - Lewis Holmes

In our last Thoughtful blog post (Why You Should Still Use FB to Promote Your Business), we covered some of the basic reasons why business owners should still utilize FB, and this week it’s all about LinkedIn!

As described by Hootsuite, “LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and establish your company as an industry authority” (Martin, 2022).

Thought #1 - Create a Company Page

You want to start by making sure you create a company page for your business (don’t worry, this is free to anyone). All you need to start the process is a personal account with a verified email. There are simple steps to accomplish this, and you can get them straight from LinkedIn’s help page.

Also, make sure to upload your company logo, which should be 300 x 300 pixels, and a JPG or PNG. Benefits of having a company page include measuring the effectiveness of your updates, promoting your most important news, showcasing your specialist services, and more.

Thought #2 - Posting on LinkedIn

Yes, LinkedIn is technically a social media platform. However, when posting on LinkedIn, you should treat it as a professional networking site for your company. Things to focus on when posting should be company updates, awards, or the launch of a new product or service. When you post, make sure to do your best to include images or videos to increase engagement and impressions on your posts. This is vital in growing your business.

According to Sprout Social, the best days to post are Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. The worst days are Saturdays and Sundays, and that’s because it’s a professional network that’s primarily active during work days (Bustillos, 2023).

Thought #3 - Increase Traffic Through LinkedIn Ads

Like Facebook, LinkedIn also gives you the option to create ads. There are a few options when it comes to using LinkedIn ads.

  • First, we have Sponsored InMail. This will allow you to send targeted messages to your audience. It’s very similar to having an email list, except it will be sent via message on LinkedIn to your targeted audience. Decide what your goal with the InMail will be and apply it to your call to action, whether it’s getting people to attend an event or getting people to apply for a position in your company.

  • Then there’s Sponsored Content Marketing. This would be more akin to Facebook ads, as they are native ads that will pop up on LinkedIn feeds to help you generate leads. Now, if you want to do some A/B testing, then you would use a version that is more targeted with Direct Sponsored Content. Note that Direct Sponsored Content would be handled by your campaign manager as opposed to directly through your company page.

  • Finally, we have Text Ads. They appear on the right-hand side of the LinkedIn website, and you can choose to be paid per click or cost per impression. Whatever suits your needs best. This is an area in which you will definitely want a headline that’ll grab the attention of your audience to get the most out of this method. Also, much like a regular post, images help.

Final Thought - The Network For Networking

LinkedIn is the place to be for your business. A great place to drive B2B or even B2C business. From networking with other professionals in your industry to driving business and gaining clients, and even being able to hire people. LinkedIn means business, and having one means you do too.


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