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"Random social media tactics lead to random results. You need a strategy." 

Stephanie Sammons

Hi, I’m Alex J, founder of Fruitful Thoughts. 

Thank you for visiting! 

I'm a proud First-Generation American who grew up in the southside of Providence, RI. As a result of my upbringing in a home that embraced both the Dominican and American ways of life, I have a deep appreciation and reverence for the linguistic and cultural diversity that exists in the world.


I am an adventurous person with an insatiable curiosity and a constant desire to gain new knowledge. I am also a public servant who advocates for the underserved. My enthusiasm for helping other people has allowed me to assist people working in various positions within the local and state governments, the world of higher education, and the field of non-profit organizations.


As I gain experience as a community advocate, I enjoy giving back to my community by imparting wisdom and teachings on various subjects and situations that have had a good impact on my life.


That's why I enjoy creating content related to mental health, financial literacy, and social media branding.

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