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Educate, Engage, Empower. 

As a seasoned public speaker, I focus on digital marketing, ADHD, and business.


I simplify complex ideas in my public speaking and teachings, providing clear and actionable insights. I focus on delivering practical, engaging talks that empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge to make informed decisions.


My goal with my public speaking and teaching is to have the audience feel confident to take meaningful action the next day!

*Hosting the RI Inaugural Celebration Event for RI Governor Daniel Mckee*

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AAAG Panelist

I was on a panel for the African American Ambassadors Group.  

Speaking with students at my formal high school, Juanita Sanchez

Abstract Clouds

Facilitating for College Leadership Rhode Island ' 19

Abstract Clouds
  • Hosting Kings Tabernacles Annual Event

  • Teaching at Kings Tabernacles Church

  • Representing a Client at a United Way Event​

Kings Tabernacles Annual Event
Financial Literacy Speech
Representing Man Up
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